21/09/2011 EP News No. 4: the back-to-Parliament review

Flash is required!

While MEPs met in Strasbourg for the first post-holiday plenary session last week, EP News takes a look back over events of the summer which saw several “black Thursdays” on the European markets. In September, we have had the unveiling of the Simone Veil esplanade in Brussels and the finalists for the Lux Prize which is awarded every year to an outstanding European film-maker.

Brought to you in this month’s EP News, the first online magazine focusing entirely on what’s happening in the European Parliament:

  • In the headlines: no holidays for the crisis. A review of the extraordinary meeting between the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs committee with Jean-Claude Trichet (European Central Bank President), Jean-Claude Juncker (Eurogroup President) Olli Rehn (Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs) and Jacek Rostowski (President of the ECOFIN Council).

  • Said and Done: review of EU representative for the Southern Mediterranean Region Bernardino Léon’s speech to MEPs from the Foreign Affairs committee on August 31st calling on the EU to take the initiative in Libya.

  • Behind the Scenes: Parliament pays homage to Simone Veil and to Solidarnosc, the Polish Union, by naming two Brussels esplanades after them.

  • In numbers: 3 is the number of films still in the running to win the Lux Prize which the European Parliament awards every year. Find out what happens in the end on November 16th.
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