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12/05/2011 Crisis rapporteur: Behind the scenes at the European Parliament

Crisis rapporteur: Behind the scenes at the European Parliament

Crisis rapporteur (“Rapporteur de Crise” in French) is a web documentary that follows Pervenche Berès, the socialist MEP, showing the work MEPs are doing on the subject of the social and economic crisis that Europe is dealing with. It is an excellent documentary and can be viewed on the site of the French newspaper, Libération. The directors, Samuel Bollendorff and Olivia Colo, have succeeded in creating an informative programme to appeal to a broad spectrum audience, especially for a subject as technical as a parliamentary report.

The documentary is organised into four main chapters: the rapporteur, the compromise, the vote and the outcome. We see how behind the word ‘compromise’ there are actually difficult negotiations where everyone has to give a little. We see it when Pervenche Berès speaks of “paragraph 94”. This clearly contains terms that could limit the reach of the report but, which all the other advances made, the S&D MEP is ready to accept it for the sake of the text as a whole.

A documentary that puts the Internet to good use

On the pressing problem of the social and economic crisis that is affecting Europe, this interactive report manages to not only explain the issues, the European Parliament’s position and the different stakeholders but it also gives an insider view of the daily life of an MEP when working on a report. In addition to the report, a toolbox provides definitions of the specific terms used throughout the documentary. Some of the terms are presented via the videos of Pervenche Berès, others in graphic form and others in simple text form.

France Télévisions produced the documentary with and Honkytonk Films and it is broadcast in partnership with Libération. You can watch the final version on the Libération site or on the site. Watch the documentary

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