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17/01/2012 A new president for the European Parliament in EP News No 8

The year is starting off quickly for the European Parliament with a fist plenary session opening today in Strasbourg, mostly dedicated to the election of a new president of the European parliament...but it won’t be a surprise: the German Martin Schulz (S&D) should be elected on Tuesday 17 January.

EP News no 8 Summary:

  • Latest news: The parliament is looking for a president! In a game of musical chairs, Martin Schulz (S&D) will replace Jerzy Buzek (EPP). But who will replace Martin Schulz in leading the S&D group? Accepting all bets!

  • In words: While wishing everyone a happy new year the (soon to be former) President of the European Parliament hopes for more European integration in the face of the crisis;

  • Miscellaneous: Welcome Denmark, who will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union for 6 months

  • In figures: 89 million tons of food are wrongly thrown out in the European Union every year. The European Parliament is trying to stop food wastage!




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