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19/07/2011 EP News no. 3: Talking cash and a verbal clash at the European Parliament

EP News is the first online magazine focusing entirely on what’s happening in the European Parliament. This issue of EP News brings you the ongoing painful budgetary negotiations between the European Union’s institutions, a reminder of the clash of swords between the virulent Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a snapshot of the new Polish Presidency and a look at the MEPs’ presence on the internet. Enjoy!

Summary of EP News, issue 3:

-In the Headlines: To increase or not to increase the European budget? Take a look at the negotiations on the future financial perspectives (2014-2020) following on from the European Commission proposal that was presented at the end of June.

-Said and done: See the clash of the month between Daniel Cohn-Bendit (vice-president of the Greens/EFA group) and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, during the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union’s closing ceremony.

-Behind the scenes: Welcome to the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union that aims to wake Europe up!

-In numbers: 90% of MEPs are present on the internet. Are our elected representatives in Europe really so hyperconnected? Find out about how they use the latest tools of communication.

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