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02/11/2011 In response to the crisis should we give Europe more money? - EP News No 5

For the fifth edition of EP news, the web-magazine dedicated to European Parliament news, we will focus on the negotiations for the European Union Budget 2012, which take place this week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A vote will take place on Wednesday 26th October. It is a sensitive subject as this year the European deputies want an increase in European spending, and the Member states, advocating austerity, will strongly oppose this.

Summary of EP news No 5:

  • The latest: Will we have a European Budget before Christmas? Update on the state of negotiations before the vote on Wednesday.

  • He said it! The Romanian Renate Weber (ALDE) complains about the Finish and Dutch veto against Bulgaria and Romania’s entry into the Schengen zone.

  • Random: Come and discover the European Parliament thanks to the new visitor centre, the Parliamentarium!

  • Statistics: 20 weeks of maternity leave for all European mums? This is what the Parliament wants, but faced with the crisis and problems in Member States, they may have to revaluate. To be debated during the plenary session this week in Strasbourg.

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