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05/03/2012 March 2012 : Towards a low-carbon economy

Category: Monthly report

On March 8th 2011, the European Commission presented its ‘Roadmap for moving to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050’. Developed as part of its flagship initiative regarding efficient use of resources, this roadmap should enable the European Union to reduce its gas emissions by 80% to 95% of 1990 level by 2050. The roadmap was discussed by Council and......

05/03/2012 Parliament headquarters: the battle continues between the pro- and anti-Strasbourg camps2

Category: Plenary

It has been clear for some time that some MEPs have it in for the double headquarters of the European Parliament – Brussels for committee work and political group meetings and Strasbourg for the plenary sessions. The battle of reports is raging between defenders of the Alsatian capital and its detractors. But beyond the statistics, is it just politics at......

23/02/2012 Europe and you: European programme for food aid for the most vulnerable saved for 2012 and 2013

Category: Plenary

Every week looks at what the European Union does for you, your rights, your health and your daily life. This week the plenary session is taking place in Strasbourg, and the deputies will have the opportunity to speak about the creation of a single payment space, the reassignment of cohesion funds towards employment or maintaining the PEAD......

21/02/2012 Is an agreement on the liberalisation of trade in agricultural products between the EU and Morocco soon to be adopted?

Category: Plenary

The vote on the free trade of agricultural and fishery products between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco was finally arranged for 16 February. Opinions in the European Parliament are very divided on the issue, although a consensus that is favorable to it is emerging. The rapporteur, French Green member José Bové, is openly opposed to its adoption. ...

23/02/2012 The European Parliament and ACTA

Category: Committees' works

Since its ratification on 26 January, ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has provoked a lot of protest, from citizens, civil society and the European Parliament. Thousands of protesters have come together in Europe to protest against this threat to freedom on the internet, but also against the lack of transparency that surrounded the negotiations.......

17/02/2012 Renewed appeal for a European strategy on homelessness

Category: Your MEPs' news

Meeting in an icy Strasbourg for the plenary session on Monday February 13th, MEPs debated a very topical issue – the situation for Europe’s homeless. In the presence of Commissioner Michel Barnier, MEPs called for a European strategy to fight homelessness and food waste, to extend the European food aid programme and to provide better access to social......