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14/02/2012 Food aid, Bill Gate's visit, ACTA: All in EP news no 9!

Category: vidéo "EP News"

Even though Siberian cold has enveloped Europe for the past few weeks, EP News, the web magazine entirely dedicated to news from the European Parliament, is still looking at aid programmes for the most vulnerable, which finance various food banks and soup kitchens. We we also look at Bill Gates' visit to the European Parliament; he is the Microsoft boss,......

17/02/2012 What the February plenary session has in store

Category: Plenary

From the 13th until the 16th February 751 European deputies will meet in Strasbourg for the second plenary session of February (the first took place on the 1st -2nd February in Brussels). On the menu for debate and voting on: aid programmes for the vulnerable, an EU-Morocco agreement, recent events in Hungary, the annual examination of growth, the......

09/02/2012 The European Parliaments contribution to looking at 2012 growth

Category: Monthly report

In November 2011 the European Commission presented its annual examination of growth (EAC) for the year 2012, the start of the second European semester on economic governance. This list of suggestions to the European executive looks to stimulate growth and competitivity in the European Union. Jean-Paul Gauzès (EPP-France) is the European Union’s rapporteur......

03/02/2012 Euro bonds and treaties on the agenda for the European Parliaments ‘mini-session’

Category: Plenary

On the 1st and 2nd of February, Euro-deputies will have a mini plenary session in Brussels, during which they will deal with the issue of the creation of euro-bonds and the results of the European Council on 30 January. ...

03/02/2012 Zita Gurmai: The Hungarian people will not be taken in by Orban’s populism

Category: Your MEPs' news

With the new Hungarian Constitution a hot topic for debate, Zita Gurmai gave an interview to comment on the Hungarian Prime Minister’s speech in the European Parliament on January 18th 2012. It was an opportunity for the MEP to discuss the political climate in her country....

10/02/2012 Europe and you: waste, biocides, food wastage and the priorities of the European Parliament

Category: Plenary

Every week, gives the highlights of what the European Union has been doing for you, your rights, your health and your daily life. Recently, the European Commission has expressed its desire to create employment in the waste management sector, the European Parliament has been working on regulation of biocides and calling for action on food......