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11/01/2013 Marc Tarabella: Associations are still not part of the European debate

Category: Your MEPs' news

Marc Tarabella has been an MEP for eight years and is an expert in relations with citizens. In June 2011 he wrote a declaration calling for a European statute for associations and foundations, and he talks about this initiative which has so far gone unheeded, in an interview by our partner Sport and Citizenship....

05/10/2012 Georgios Papastamkos : “The main cause behind the rise of violence is corruption”

Category: Your MEPs' news

Fight against corruption, violence, promotion of sport for all... As the European Parliament resumes, hot topics are legion. Interview with its Vice-President, MEP Georgios Papastamkos. Interview by Julian Jappert and Maxime Leblanc, from Sport and Citizenship....

25/05/2012 Emma McClarkin : “It is unlikely that an agreement will be reached this year”

Category: Your MEPs' news

The future of sport is being shaped right now in the institutions. Overview with Emma McClarkin, Member of the European Parliament "Friends of sport" informal group...

23/04/2012 Jan Philipp Albrecht : "Data protection cannot be transferred into 27 different regulations"

Category: Committees' works, Your MEPs' news

Jan Philipp Albrecht is a German MEPS, member of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Comittee in the European Parliament. He gave an interview to comment on the debate around ACTA. ...

28/03/2012 Véronique de Keyser: Clearing DSK’s reputation is not one of the European Parliament’s priorities, in my opinion2

Category: Your MEPs' news

Much has been said about it today on the internet and in the European press: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex-director of the IMF, should be visiting the European parliament on Tuesday for a conference on the economic crisis, at the invitation of German deputy Alexandre Alvaro (ADLE). It is clear that not everyone is happy with the visit. Véronique de Keyser......

17/02/2012 Renewed appeal for a European strategy on homelessness

Category: Your MEPs' news

Meeting in an icy Strasbourg for the plenary session on Monday February 13th, MEPs debated a very topical issue – the situation for Europe’s homeless. In the presence of Commissioner Michel Barnier, MEPs called for a European strategy to fight homelessness and food waste, to extend the European food aid programme and to provide better access to social......