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03/04/2012 Framework for improving the governance of European Businesses

Category: Monthly report

The financial crisis has had very serious consequences for businesses, causing many closures and the loss of many jobs. As a consequence of these events, the European Commission has suggested various ways in which to improve the governance of businesses, publishing a green paper on the framework of business governance in the EU in 2011. In its report on the......

05/03/2012 March 2012 : Towards a low-carbon economy

Category: Monthly report

On March 8th 2011, the European Commission presented its ‘Roadmap for moving to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050’. Developed as part of its flagship initiative regarding efficient use of resources, this roadmap should enable the European Union to reduce its gas emissions by 80% to 95% of 1990 level by 2050. The roadmap was discussed by Council and......

09/02/2012 The European Parliaments contribution to looking at 2012 growth

Category: Monthly report

In November 2011 the European Commission presented its annual examination of growth (EAC) for the year 2012, the start of the second European semester on economic governance. This list of suggestions to the European executive looks to stimulate growth and competitivity in the European Union. Jean-Paul Gauzès (EPP-France) is the European Union’s rapporteur......

09/01/2012 January 2012 – Avoiding food waste1

Category: Monthly report
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The European Parliament is back in action after the holidays! The next plenary session will take place from the 16th to the 19th of January. Besides the election of a president and vice-presidents for the Parliament, one of the main subjects being debated during this session will be the food chain – imbalances in the food supply chain, the distribution......

07/12/2011 December 2011 - European dimensions of Sport

Category: Monthly report

On Monday 12 December Deputy Santiago Fisas Ayxela’s (Spain, EPP) report on the European dimension in sport will be debated in the plenary session of the European parliament in Strasbourg. Since the implementation of the Lisbon treaty the European Union has had powers in this area (article 165 of TFUE). The report underlines the fact that one of the......

07/11/2011 November 2011: Report on the fight against illegal fishing at global level – the role of the EU1

Category: Monthly report

At the first November plenary session of the European Parliament, MEP Isabella Lövin (Sweden, Greens/EFA) will present her report on the role of the European Union in the fight against illegal fishing at global level. There are between 11 and 26 million tonnes of fish being caught illegally every year which represents about 15% of the global catch. This......