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01/07/2013 Marie-Christine Vergiat : "Giving operational support to grass-roots sports associations"

Category: Committees' works

Marie-Christine Vergiat, a Member of the European Parliament Culture and Education Commission, actively defends the idea of European action on behalf of sport for all and recognition of people involved in it....

22/03/2013 Sean Kelly : To make sport as a priority focus for regional policy"

Category: Committees' works

Passionate about sport, the Irish MEP Sean Kelly is a man of conviction. Sport for all, health promotion, development of sport infrastructures, defending traditional sports… Interview by Sport and Citizenship from the March 2013 journal "Sport in the workplace "....

23/04/2012 Jan Philipp Albrecht : "Data protection cannot be transferred into 27 different regulations"

Category: Committees' works, Your MEPs' news

Jan Philipp Albrecht is a German MEPS, member of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Comittee in the European Parliament. He gave an interview to comment on the debate around ACTA. ...

23/02/2012 The European Parliament and ACTA

Category: Committees' works

Since its ratification on 26 January, ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has provoked a lot of protest, from citizens, civil society and the European Parliament. Thousands of protesters have come together in Europe to protest against this threat to freedom on the internet, but also against the lack of transparency that surrounded the negotiations.......

30/01/2012 The European Commission sanctions Orban’s government

Category: Committees' works

Its decision has been highly anticipated. On Tuesday 16 January the European Commission finally sent a warning to Viktor Orban’s government, as he has included text in the new constitution that gives him power over the central bank and judges, which is in violation of community law. First of all Brussels will implement financial sanctions against an......

06/01/2012 Sophie Briard-Auconie : "Sport has a role to play in Europe 2020"

Category: Committees' works

Sophie Briard-Auconie is MEP (France, PPE), member of the Sports Intergroup and author of two important reports recently.ans le domaine. As part of its special feature dedicated to the fight against discrimination in sport, Sport and Citizenship interviewed her. By Julian Jappert and Sylvain Landa...