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14/02/2012 Food aid, Bill Gate's visit, ACTA: All in EP news no 9!

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Even though Siberian cold has enveloped Europe for the past few weeks, EP News, the web magazine entirely dedicated to news from the European Parliament, is still looking at aid programmes for the most vulnerable, which finance various food banks and soup kitchens. We we also look at Bill Gates' visit to the European Parliament; he is the Microsoft boss,......

17/01/2012 A new president for the European Parliament in EP News No 8

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The year is starting off quickly for the European Parliament with a fist plenary session opening today in Strasbourg, mostly dedicated to the election of a new president of the European parliament...but it won’t be a surprise: the German Martin Schulz (S&D) should be elected on Tuesday 17 January....

12/12/2011 Focus on the 2012 program of the European Commission in the EP News No. 7

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For the 7th issue of EP News - the webmagazine entirely dedicated to what's happening in the European Parliament - we look at the European Commission's programme for 2012: will it manage to meet expectations for exiting the crisis following the European Council meeting?...

02/11/2011 In response to the crisis should we give Europe more money? - EP News No 5

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For the fifth edition of EP news, the web-magazine dedicated to European Parliament news, we will focus on the negotiations for the European Union Budget 2012, which take place this week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A vote will take place on Wednesday 26th October. It is a sensitive subject as this year the European deputies want an increase......

21/09/2011 EP News No. 4: the back-to-Parliament review

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While MEPs met in Strasbourg for the first post-holiday plenary session last week, EP News takes a look back over events of the summer which saw several “black Thursdays” on the European markets. In September, we have had the unveiling of the Simone Veil esplanade in Brussels and the finalists for the Lux Prize which is awarded every year to an outstanding......

19/07/2011 EP News no. 3: Talking cash and a verbal clash at the European Parliament

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EP News is the first online magazine focusing entirely on what’s happening in the European Parliament. This issue of EP News brings you the ongoing painful budgetary negotiations between the European Union’s institutions, a reminder of the clash of swords between the virulent Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a snapshot of the......