Animated graphic: European decision making

Little by little, Europe is creating laws...

You maybe aren't aware of it but a lot of laws in force in your country were in fact created by the European Union, thanks to what we call the ordinary legislative procedure. This procedure is composed of two actors that share decision making powers: The Council of the European Union, composed of representatives of member states, of the governments of each member country and the European Parliament, made up of deputies elected by European citizens, and so representatives of the national populations.

To better understand how decisions are made and laws are created, take a look at our animated graphic that is based on a recently adopted text: the directive on capping bankers' bonuses. From the abstract idea to the concrete application in your member country, follow each step of the various stages of the European legislative process!


Download printable version of "Developing European legislation" (PDF)

Conception: Toute l'Europe ; Realisation: IQ12 ; Graphic design: Pixine ; Music and Sound design: Frédéric Fortuny

29/02/12, jacques :
L'animation multimédia du processus décisionnel est un support que je désirerai faire connaitre aux adhérents de mon association.Est t 'il possible d'en obtenir un fichier ou un DVD.
Merci pour votre réponse
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